Holidays with children

The Sesimbra beaches have been known for many years as "The Children's Beach." The extensive beach of fine sand, calm waters, the Beach Libraries, the sports, leisure and recreation areas are some of the features sought by families, schools and…

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Golf all year round

In the region there are several golf courses, which attract players from all over the world throughout the year. At 18 kilometers from the village of Sesimbra the "Parkland" course designed by the famous architect Rocky Roquemore was considered the…

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Adventure at Sea

In the sea of Sesimbra live diverse sports and leisure activities. The calm waters, sheltered by the green of the mountains make sailing, canoeing, surfing and, more recently, paddel an unforgettable experience. The beauty of the landscape on the surface…

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From the beaches of the west coast, to the wild beauty of Ribeiro do Cavalo, Sesimbra has sandy beaches for all tastes. In the Bay of Sesimbra is the one that, due to the calm waters and absence of currents,…

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The Best Fish in the World

The expertise of the Sesimbra fishermen, and the artisanal fishing techniques that have been developed over time, as well as the characteristics of the sea, make the fish caught by the Sesimbra fishing fleet one of the tastiest in the…

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A Paradise at the Bottom of Sea

The Sesimbra sea has one of the most beautiful seabeds in Europe, as attested by the most experienced divers.

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