Adventure at Sea

Adventure at Sea

In the sea of Sesimbra live diverse sports and leisure activities. The calm waters, sheltered by the green of the mountains make sailing, canoeing, surfing and, more recently, paddel an unforgettable experience. The beauty of the landscape on the surface extends through the sea floor, which holds places full of life and color, which attract thousands of divers each year.


There is a consensus among divers who regularly dive in the sea of Sesimbra: the coast near Cabo Espichel is one of the best places in Europe for scuba diving, accessible most of the year. Calm and clear waters, protected from the winds and a rocky seabed rich in flora and fauna justify this claim.


Canoeing is the most simple and accessible sport, and as such, one of the most popular. The geographical location of Sesimbra has unique conditions for the practice of sea canoeing and expeditions along the coast. The Lagoa de Albufeira and the bay of Sesimbra are appropriate areas for leisure canoeing, while the south coast, up to Cabo Espichel, is perfect for expeditions.


The Espichel Cape protects Sesimbra from winds from the north and northwest quadrants , offering sailors calm waters extending to Setúbal, and south down to Sines, with conditions unmatched in Europe for this sport, both for learning, and for recreational and high competition sailing.

Surf and Bodyboard

It is on the west coast, along  Bicas beach  - Meco - Lagoa de Albufeira, that the sea offers excellent conditions for the practice of these sports. The national championships are held on these beaches every year. Sesimbra, however, is already a favourite alternative spot, when the winds blow from the south.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

Optimal wind conditions and mirrored waters make Lagoa de Albufeira a very popular location among windsurfers and kitesurfers. Some of the best national athletes, with European titles, took their "first steps" here and continue to elect the lagoon to improve their skill.

Boat Trips

The small hidden beaches between cliffs, accessible only by boat, home to  thousands of stories of sea, fishermen, whalers and pirates, transport the visitor to a paradisiacal scenery of fantasy, which is unusual on the Portuguese coast.


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