Who can resist a good petisco?

Who can resist a good petisco?

There is nothing better to end a day of holidays than a tasty petisco (traditional portuguese tapas).

Both in the village of Sesimbra as in Aldeia do Meco and Lagoa de Albufeira there is no restaurant or coffee shop that does not include in their menu various types of delicious clams and crabs, mussels, fish roe salad, octopus and whelks. From the way they are prepared and presented to the variety on offer, these delicacies are already one of  Sesimbra’s attractions.

The bivalves molluscs are prepared plain, à Bulhão Pato, with olive oil, garlic and lemon, or Spanish style, with tomato and plenty of onion, not forgetting the final touch of coriander and, of course, Sesimbra bread toasted with butter.

The Marquês de Pombal street, in Sesimbra,  is a real phenomenon of popularity, due to the presence of two of the most famous petisco restaurants in the village. In what is known as the Rua dos Petiscos there are those willing to wait hours for the coveted delicacies.

The wait is sometimes long but ultimately always worth it!

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