The aromas and flavours of the countr

The aromas and flavours of the countr

Although essentially associated to the sea, the municipality of Sesimbra has much of its territory in rural areas, or "campo" as it is commonly called.

 In the parish of Castelo, traditional agriculture is still very common, as is sheep farming. It is quite normal to find flocks of sheep that produce milk for the famous Azóia cheese which is handmade in two dairies in Azóia, near Cabo Espichel.

There are also several bakeries where the homemade bread of Sesimbra is kneaded and baked in wood ovens and where you can also find the Camoesa Apple, and confectionary such as Broas de Alfarim, Zimbros, Brisas do Castelo and Almirantes. Beekeeping is another activity of some significance due to the natural conditions of the region. Honey and products derived from beekeeping are the centre of attention in ZimbraMel, the largest fair in the country dedicated to beekeeping and which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Near the village of Sesimbra, Sampaio Milling, an old milling plant recovered and turned into a museum by the local authorities, provides an insight into the connection to the rural world. Every weekend, the building welcomes a flavours market where local farmers sell fruit, vegetables, bread, honey, confectionary and cheese.

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