A Paradise at the Bottom of Sea

A Paradise at the Bottom of Sea

The Sesimbra sea has one of the most beautiful seabeds in Europe, as attested by the most experienced divers.

From Arrábida to Cabo Espichel, there are several well known spots, some at a shallow depth, appropriate for those who have less experience and are looking for their first dive, others requiring more expertise, for those who are already familiar with this activity. Multicoloured nudibranchs, gorgonians, octopus, spider crabs and various fish species. The sinking of ship River Gurara, measuring 175 meters in length, next to Cabo Espichel, on February 26, 1989, although tragic, turned out to be an important milestone for the development of this activity. Today, due to the diversity of habitats, it is one of the most visited spots of the country, despite being about 28 meters deep.

How to experience:

In the Harbor area there are several diving schools that have adequate programs for all those interested.

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