Sesimbra Homemade Bread

Sesimbra Homemade Bread

Bread is one of the oldest and most important foods we know. While its confection is very simple - flour, water, salt and yeast - the secrets of a perfect loaf of bread are immemorial and are typically passed from generation to generation.

In Sesimbra, homemade bread baked in wood ovens is very popular. Its texture, freshness and flavour attracts people from various parts of the region, who look for it both in  points of sale and in our flavours market, Sabores da Nossa Terra, which takes place on Saturday and Sunday mornings at Sampaio Milling, a building whose history is also interconnected with the history of bread in Sesimbra.

The brand Sesimbra’s Homemade Bread Baked in Wood Ovens was registered by the City Council to preserve this ancestral know-how, while simultaneously encouraging producers to continue their activity and pass it on to future generations.



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