Sesimbra Tourism broadens its offer

Sesimbra Tourism broadens its offer

#yessesimbra is the hashtag for a tourism promotion campaign being run by Sesimbra Municipal Council and Turiforum, a local business organisation for tourism operators. The campaign focuses on the diversity that is to be found in an area that has so many different landscapes. The aim is to kick-start the reopening of the local economy, which is very much tourism based and is energetically bouncing back despite all the difficulties of recent months.

Beaches, sea, food, traditions, nature, adventure sports, diving and cultural heritage are just a few of things on offer for any tourist who opts to spend their holidays or a weekend break in Sesimbra. Not only is there a wide choice, but everything is easy to find and close together.

This broad range of the offer is only enhanced by the region’s stunning variety of natural landscapes. Along the coastline, between Lagoa de Albufeira and Arrábida, there are the calm waters of the Lagoa lagoon, the vast sandy stretches of Meco, the imposing cliffs of Cape Espichel and the south-facing wild beaches with their crystal clear tranquil waters. Of course, there is also Sesimbra Bay, where the Fort divides the beaches of Califórnia, to the east, and Ouro, to the west, and where tourism merges seamlessly with fishing tradition.

The campaign will have a strong audiovisual component that will make use of the social networks of the Yes Sesimbra brand and the website Public figures with links to the area will play a prominent role in the campaign.

A tourist office will also be set up in Praça da Califórnia and the Meco tourist office will be refurbished.

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