Adventure on Land

Adventure on Land

The municipality of Sesimbra has more than half of its territory in natural reserve. The Natural Park of Arrábida or the Lagoa Pequena are places of great environmental importance, where you can develop a set of activities that allow a very close contact with nature, such as hiking, trail, bird watching or bicycles of all terrain.

Mountain Biking

The meandering dirt paths along the coast are perfect for mountain biking, a sport that combines physical activity and contact with nature. The area of Cabo Espichel is one of the most sought after, both by beginners who use the dirt roads, and by more experienced cyclists who venture through the more specialized trails. There is, however, a common feature for both levels: the beauty of the landscape, enhanced by the proximity of the sea.

Climbing and Rappel

Being suspended by a rope, 30 meters high, with the blue sea as background, is an unforgettable feeling. Some of the cliffs that developed along the coast are ideal for mountaineering activities, such as rock climbing and rappel. There are places for learning and areas that require better knowledge of the techniques.


When we walk through a mountain we rarely remember that beneath our feet can be hidden galleries and waterways of great beauty. Sesimbra has a world renowned set of caves underground, which are now properly identified by the Speleological Centre of Costa Azul. Accompanied by experts and taking special precautions these caves can be visited.


With the pace of modern society there is an increasing demand for activities that help you relax, increase concentration levels, memory and flexibility. Golf is a sport which combines all these characteristics. The Sesimbra sea and mountain convey the tranquility and harmony suitable for the practice of this type of tourism.


Cabo Espichel and Serra do Risco are areas of excellence for hiking, both for its landscape as for the variety of footpaths that can be explored. The trails hidden by the vegetation, only known by the most experienced guides, reveal some species which are unique in the world. Some footpaths are properly marked and documented, as is the case of Chã dos Navegantes, Maravilhas do Cabo or Rota de Cezimbra – Do Castelo à Ribeira (From the Castle to the River)


It is one of the most sought after adventure activities in the country. The Sesimbra mountain fits this purpose perfectly. From the existing paths along the cliffs we can appreciate the coast in all its beauty. The obstacles that need to be overcome along the route delight the adventurous.


Birdwatching, is practiced by over 80 million people worldwide. Due to the variety of landscapes and habitats that attract a great diversity of species, Portugal is a favorite European destination for fans of this activity. Sesimbra, with two classified Special Protection Areas for Birds - Lagoa Pequena and Cabo Espichel, is increasingly sought after by photographers, biologists, ornithologists and birdwatching enthusiasts. Included in birdwatching tours, the Lagoa Pequena is one of the largest wetlands of Portugal and one of the five most important sites in Europe of movement between nesting areas for several species. In the area of Cabo Espichel, characterized by high cliffs and a land area of open fields and forests, migratory passage species can be observed and also bird species that nest on the cliffs, such as the Peregrine Falcon.

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