16 MAR | SAT | 21.30h


Cineteatro João Mota


From Lisbon (and Almada) to the world, Melech Mechaya is the best pop, punk, rock, jazz, folk band in our area! They are, indeed, the "party kings"!

With a a career of ten years, Melech Mechaya appeared as the first and great reference of klezmer music in Portugal. Representative of the Jewish diaspora, klezmer is one of the most plural and comprehensive musical styles, with influences from Arabic, Balkan, Hellenic sounds, even incorporating jazz elements and other local folk motifs (whatever the locale). Following the path of this comprehensiveness and constant mutation, Melech Mechaya soon immersed themselves in the klezmer universe "decorating" it with their own influences, tastes, sentiment and impression from their travels. This mutation (or evolution, as you please) is notorious in the wake of the already released studio albums. From the explosiveness and joy typically associated with the klezmer and Yiddish festivities of their early career, to the more introspective, calm but far from solemn moments of their latest album, Aurora, Melech Mechaya are a genuine tour de force, a fluke and unique find in Portuguese music: brilliant instrumentalists, with unique and contagious live performances. And with an enormous, giant sense of humor! Melech Mechaya means, in Hebrew, "party kings". And this is evident in every concert, wherever and for whom it may be. There is not, there never was, and there never will be, a party without its kings!

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