About Sesimbra

The municipality of Sesimbra is located in the Setúbal Peninsula, about 30 kilometers from Lisbon and Setúbal, which is equivalent to just over half an hour's journey from each of these cities. Access from Lisbon is done by the A2 until the exit of Fogueteiro and then by the EN378. From the Setúbal side, access is made by the EN10 to Azeitão, and then by the EN379.

The territory is divided into the parishes of Santiago, Castelo and Quinta do Conde. The first includes the town of Sesimbra, a fishing and bathing centre, which is the municipality seat and the main tourist centre, where several emblematic buildings are located, such as the Fortress of Santiago, the Chapel of the Holy Spirit of Seafarers and the Medieval Hospital and the Mother Church.

The Castle parish corresponds to the rural area, closely linked to agriculture. On the south coast of this parish, which stretches from the Sesimbra Bay to the Espichel Cape, are located some of the most beautiful beaches of the municipality, especially Ribeiro do Cavalo, known worldwide. The western coast extends to Lagoa de Albufeira and includes the Meco beach.

To the north is the parish of Quinta do Conde, the most recent of the three, more urban in character. The parish is home to the Quinta do Peru golf course, one of the best known in the region, which welcomes golfers from all over the world, throughout the year.

The landscape

Sesimbra has a unique geographic setting, with an Atlantic coast of over 40 kilometers, that stretches from Lagoa de Albufeira to Serra da Arrábida. On the west coast are the long sandy shores of Meco and, to the south, the imposing cliffs of the Espichel Cape, and the small sheltered coves among which is Ribeiro de Cavalo, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal.

The village of Sesimbra overlooks the bay, with its old houses. To the west, the landscape is dominated by the harbour, where the hustle and bustle of fishing and its traditions converge with tourist activities such as diving, sailing or canoeing.

The bay is surrounded by two beaches of fine sand: Califórnia and Ouro. At the centre of the sandy shore, stands the imposing and beautiful Fortress of Santiago and to the east the landscape is shaped by the cliffs of Serra do Risco and Arrábida.

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